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In the environmental site assessment Allied Environmental Services Pty Ltd provides consulting at every stage, as follows:

  • Phase I and Phase 2 Environmental site assessment (ESA),
  • Sampling of soil, groundwater, surface water and sediments,
  • Determination of the extent of site contamination,
  • Phase 3 Remediation Action Plan,
  • Phase 4 Validation of Environmental Remediation and inspection of clean-up activities,
  • Waste classification and control of disposal,
  • Liaison with authorities,
  • Record of site condition.

One of the most important steps in a real estate transaction is the determination of environmental condition and identification of potential contamination on a lot of land. The likelihood of contamination is usually identified during a Phase 1 environmental site assessment.

A more comprehensive investigation is undertaken in order to establish the presence of actual contamination on site. The process of Phase 2 ESA involves sampling and assessment of soil, groundwater and surface water, as well as the assessment of buildings and structures. Depending on the planned use of a lot of land, different environmental criteria are applied in the assessment. Where necessary, a remediation action plan is prepared and an environmental clean-up involving remediation of soil, surface water, groundwater and sediments is undertaken. Upon proper clean-up and remediation a site condition report is issued.